Wednesday, September 27, 2006

she won't let me go

ok so i was listening to ray lamontagne today, and "trouble" was playing when my baby girl got up from a nap. as i was carrying her to go change a diaper the chorus bust in, "i've been saaaaaved by a woman" and it struck me how much my daughter has saved me. the pain and mindscrew that came along with this injury has been completely overshadowed by her and i only have to think of her and it makes me grin like i just discovered something wonderful.

thank you my little love

and to go along with that here are some things i never imagined i would find myself calmly and rationally saying....most of them prefaced by a "no"....

what's in your mouth (like she's gonna answer)
we don't touch that
we don't eat that
that's for the doggies
we don't wear mommies underwear on our heads
don't put your hand down there
that's where it poops from


Brian T. Murphy said...

beautiful post.
beautiful child.
beautiful song.

brett said...

thanks brian...
sometimes she makes it easier to believe in god and jesus as well.