Thursday, September 28, 2006

san francisco

so i drove down to san francisco today to check in with my doc about my hand....only to find out that they didn't have the mri results.
so, i spent eight hours on the road...
to hang out in the doctors office for twenty minutes...
for him to flip through my chart and tell me the stupid news...
all this after i called them on tuesday to make sure the results were there!
damn it

oh well...
san francisco was great...foggy and cool, had to wear a jacket...i am really loving going into the city, it's starting to grow on me. christy and i used to meet there for dates and spend all day walking around. i would like to do that again. i think i am geeting pretty lonely in this isolation. we have a lot that others don't but there is a part of me that is neglected and cold much of the time.

did some good thinkin'...a little fragmented prayin'...and a lot of listenin'

nick fiedler has a pretty good album, if you click his name on the right column of my blog, his album is on the upper right of his page. there are a couple of songs on there, in particular "my god" changes, changes, changes
also, i just downloaded some cobalt season stuff...if you look on the right and hit ryan sharp, then scroll down 'til you see it on the right....i am really enjoying this as well. the first song on the live album, "begin again," something about the style of this song is hauntingly nostalgic. anyway he has a section in there,
"for all the ways the world is shit
there is so much beauty in all of it
i can't seem to find
everything that haunts my mind
could it be that i'm still blind?"
growing up with an understanding of "the fall" you come away with a sense that nothing is good...but there is much beauty in the world...and that is great and wonderful. recognizing the good does not negate any action to remove the evil, sometimes people react that way when you talk about things like is almost as if they would rather have the world be all bad so it can get wiped away...but there is so much here to transcend and love and show others the bold splendor of god

both ryan and nick give utterance to some of the things i have been unable to put into words...
thank you guys!
incidently, i was turned on to both through the nick and josh podcast, which i have been enjoying. a couple of young guys jawin' about religion, theology, music, movies and other stuff.

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Steve S. said...

"it is almost as if they would rather have the world be all bad so it can get wiped away"

Divine Conspiracy's Chapter 3 was a challenge to my view of the world on precisely these terms.

I neer thought through the fact that Jesus did not see the world as a hostile envoronment, but rather the great-room of His Father's warm and inviting home.

Willard's illumination of Jesus' worldview confronted my dismal, pessemistic, and (unfortunately) churched view of the world.