Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Hypocrisy is Complete

Please see the 5th comment on the last post
Christy is right I am wrong

Amy is still wicked

And Beth....being the good sister is a very ambiguous state

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mean Girls

My sister, who happens to be a girl...a mean one, turned me on to this. Now since we don't have a TV we watch the DVDs supplied by the aforementioned wicked sibling.
So you're asking "why, if she supplies us with such wonderful addictions, is she so bad?"
Let me tell you a little story...
This weekend my wife, who is also a Sister in the "Nefarious Sorority," is going down to Woodland without me and will see my sister. I, in a panicked state, forbade her to watch the series, in fact I went so far as to "request" that she not go anywhere that my sister and a electronic digital viewing device are sharing the same space and time. As some of you know my wife, you cannot make such statements or "requests" without a raised eyebrow of defiance for an answer. So faced with that I contacted my sister...who was no help and even though she is sick, with a cold, I could actually hear her brighten up as she was trying to devise a way that she and the wife could watch it this weekend.
Wicked Tricksies!
After exhausting my impotent decrees to both of them, my sister asks if I noticed the "Jacob Loves You" scrawled on the cover of the DVD she has posted on her blog. ARGHHHH!!!!

So I enlisted the help of my eldest nefew, who has his own stylistic blog now, to sequester the DVD until a time that would be suitable for ALL parties to be involved in the viewing.
If he gets grounded I will rescue him...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Peace of...

so the deal is there is just a lot of stuff going on right now, a sort of circumstantial perfect storm.
Christy's health and my hand
Growing kids and a two year old who is causing us to evaluate discipline
Holidays and our search for simplicity, spirituality and reality
School ending with major questions about what is next
Animals who eat and shit...all the time

So every morning after I feed the kids I go outside to feed the ruminants
This morning I have major unrest in my spirit, about what I am not sure
I realized how much I get from the practice of cleaning up after our horse
I feed her, she eats, I get the rake and pick up the processed remains of last night's meal
and there is a peace and tranquility in that

a peace of shit