Saturday, April 28, 2007


ok so i am mowing our property and it pretty much takes me three days.

first i hit it with our tractor and the brush mower, which was yesterday.

then i hit it with the rider

finally i fine tune it with the weedeater...tomorrow.

you may as why i bother mowing when we live 3 miles at the end of a dirt road, and have about 30 sheep who should do a pretty good job of eating it down? go ahead ask me?

well, i am glad you asked. first it is because i am just crazy. next, the sheep won't eat the foxtails once they have headed out and i am beginning to believe don't eat them at any stage. the foxtail have a way of finding their way into the ears of our dogs, as well as, in one case anyway, the eye of our horse. anyway this adds up to pain for the puppies as well as our pocketbooks. finally you factor in the 10 foot section that buffers our road and our property that if, say, someone were to throw our a lit cigarette butt in would look as if armageddon has begun.
all this to say it is not for the asthetically pleasing air of a well kept home that i do such things.

anytime you wanna come up and help, i'll let you drive the tractor.

BTW it looks like the clan of the Sharp's will be here on monday. looking forward to their visit.
if you have not "met" them yet check 'em out and make sure to check out their music

Monday, April 23, 2007

i'm back *EDITED*

my pop and stepmom were just here visiting.
it was the first time they got to see kieran other than the camera photo i shot off the day he was born.
anyway, pop and i were doing computer stuff, when he went online and said (tongue firmly placed in cheek),
"Yeah, I keep checkin' your page...but...nope!"
ok, for pop and the POSSIBLY MORE THAN TWO OTHERS (WITH APOLOGIES TO STEVE AND MIKE, BTW STEVE ENJOYING YOUR VOLVO!) who check my page (amy and dave) i'll try to start posting again more regularly.

kieran and kaya are great. kieran is growing and happy and just such a wonderful little guy, and kaya truly loves him.
christy is home now, which is good because in addition to the kids there are still 18 lambs to tend to as well as a new batch of puppies. this place never slows down.

i have a few weeks reprieve from school, during which i hope to have surgery on my hand, but i am still waiting to hear from the doctor.