Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jesus Camp

tell me what you think

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Amy said...

Do you want our thoughts on what is written in ways of reviews? Or whether we think such a film should have been made? If we think we might agree/disagree with the film makesr, the subjects or ??
Based on the review - I'd watch it. I probably would not be very surprised at anything in it having seen very similarl subjects in ministry and (more) in the homeschool environment.
Do I think such a film should have been made? Sure, why not? If we don't know our neighbors...how can we love them.
Do I agree/disagree with the film makers? No idea really haven't seen this documentary.
Do I agree/disagree with the subjects?
Again, haven't seen it - so I could not say. Would I be found at that camp? No, it sounds like something I would not be comfortable with my children attending. A bit to "out there' for my tastes. However, if I could afford it - my boys would be at Bible camp every summer. A great memory from my childhood that I'd like them to experience too.
I'm very uncomfortable to exposing children too soon to things like the reality of abortion and politics. They have so little time to be children. I'd rather focus on loving your brothers - your family - your neighbors. You can't go wrong when your focus is Love!
So...did I totally misunderstand your question? ;)

brett said...

to all of your questions amy i would say, "sure."
i'm not really looking for anything other than people's feedback. i was definitely struck by this preview. we see so little but also so much. we see some things that might not represent the larger context well, but then again maybe the filmmakers captured the intended spirit exactly. both of those senarios bother me.
i will definitely see this movie.

josh said...

dude you know this is some freaking stuff.

DeMar said...

Wow. Where those kids chanting 'righteous judges'? I can't wait to meet these folks when they're cut loose from their parents, and broke down out in the world. Do you think there's any cross over with beauty pageants? Let me know when you get a hold of a copy. I'm all out of train wrecks at the moment, and this could fit the bill. It's not that I'm jaded...

Steve S. said...

there is only one word...