Thursday, August 17, 2006

for what it's worth

i have just completed an application for a degree completion program at the local christian college. here is a short autobiographical essay i had to write for it. it really made me reflect. plus there is a little surprise in it...
I am a 35 year old husband and father of one with one on the way. I have, for various reasons, started and stopped my college education process far too many times. Recently I had an injury that almost resulted in the loss of my right hand. As it is now, although future beneficial surgeries are almost inevitable, I will have some degree of permanent disability. Because I am writing with my left hand and am limited to the work I can do, I have decided to pursue my BA in liberal studies and explore some options for a career while doing that. I, along with my wife, feel compelled to finish my degree and view this goal as a flood-gate that, when opened, will provide the needed catalyst for further personal growth and sustaining possibilities for my family.
I have been brought up in a Christian home without a father. Although I consider myself socialized into Christianity, I feel the experiences that my mother went through allowed me to gain an understanding of trusting God that I don't believe I could have attained otherwise. This trust in God and my subsequent pursuit of Christ has helped me through the more troubling decisions and events. I do not hold my Christian faith as something to be related tritely and continue to question how Christ might be fleshed out in my life.
I have struggled with formal education. I almost did not graduate from high school because of disinterest, but I have gradually come to a place where I am a much better student. Even though I have blossomed late I hold my education as inevitable and unavoidable. I am excited for the process, although anxious about the fulfillment. I am now in a place where I feel more confident that I will win my prize and continue to climb towards my next goal.

yes we are pregnant again!
thank god!
pray for us as we prepare for a new baby, christy's new job and that i will finish my degree without diversion