Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why I love my wife

Yesterday when I redeived some frustrating news at the Mayo, I called Christy with the raged confusion clogging my throat and burning my eyes, she calmly and lovingly held me close to her on the phone and helped me to start over. Thank you my love.

Since then I have been gaining perspective:

the woman in the Mayo lobby with an inoperable tumor in her spine cheerfully encouraging me even when I had said nothing.

Christy reminding me of our power of adaptability to date.

the mass of people in Rochester who have the tell-tale hairless signs of chemotherapy.

and the list goes on...

Through Tony I was able to hook up with some guys here for wonderful conversation.
Thoughts for further reflection:
what is the purpose of church as an entity and the church as the body;
the cult of personality;
politics and voter issues;
cussing in a mid-western accent...donchano!




Mike said...

Thanks for the update, my friend. I'll continue praying for your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro - What a blessing you and Christy are to each other!! Cherish that! Praying for you and love you!

nellie said...


We are thinking about and praying for you!