Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recent Happenings @ Rocky Road Ranch

Say goodbye to Cranky Frank!
I found out this week that after over 6 months Work Comp has finally approved for me to go to the Mayo to consult with a doctor to have a joint in my thumb replaced. I am finally able to see some glint of light at the end of the tunnel since my accident two years ago.

After 18 years of off-n-on school I finally finished,
and it was only by the love and support of my bride

The kids are enjoying each other
and "resting place" enjoys being a big sister to "dark boy"
who is just a stinkin' happy little guy

Many of you know we raise Boston Terriers, now we are going to the other extreme by raising Great Danes as well.
Here is the newest addition to our homestead
She is only 9 mos. old so she still has some growing to do (she is about a third smaller than our stud) We haven't decided on a name yet, but we are throwing around Appaloosa Annie or some such variation
Here she is with Yona, our "watchdog" who hasn't quite figured out her role yet, and Romey our Boston stud


Amy said...

I'm sooo excited to read your news!!!

Do you get to keep C.F. so you can do horrible things to it?!? It might be very cathartic! Or I might be just a little twisted! ;-)

Love the pictures!

DeMar said...

had fun at dinner. we'll have to do that again.
if you have time check out 'flight of the conchords'...they are funny. i bought the dvd for you to become addicted (trade for lost?).