Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today my nephew would have been five...
There are two links on the sidebar to your right
one says "Journaling back to Joy"
the other "Awakening"
one is my sister
the other is my friend
they have both lost boys they will never forget
pray for them
don't be afraid to talk to them
this is life and we must share it

i heard this poem today and it seems to fit

"Advice to Myself" by Louise Erdrich

Leave the dishes.
Let the celery rot in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator
and an earthen scum harden on the kitchen floor.
Leave the black crumbs in the bottom of the toaster.
Throw the cracked bowl out and don't patch the cup.
Don't patch anything. Don't mend. Buy safety pins.
Don't even sew on a button.
Let the wind have its way, then the earth
that invades as dust and then the dead
foaming up in gray rolls underneath the couch.
Talk to them. Tell them they are welcome.
Don't keep all the pieces of the puzzles
or the doll's tiny shoes in pairs, don't worry
who uses whose toothbrush or if anything
matches, at all.
Except one word to another. Or a thought.
Pursue the authentic-decide first
what is authentic,
then go after it with all your heart.
Your heart, that place
you don't even think of cleaning out.
That closet stuffed with savage mementos.
Don't sort the paper clips from screws from saved baby teeth
or worry if we're all eating cereal for dinner
again. Don't answer the telephone, ever,
or weep over anything at all that breaks.
Pink molds will grow within those sealed cartons
in the refrigerator. Accept new forms of life
and talk to the dead
who drift in though the screened windows, who collect
patiently on the tops of food jars and books.
Recycle the mail, don't read it, don't read anything
except what destroys
the insulation between yourself and your experience
or what pulls down or what strikes at or what shatters
this ruse you call necessity.

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Eric said...

Thanks Brett for thinking of Joshie and his birthday. It is still hard to believe that memories and photos are all that are left for now.
I went to put fresh flowers on his grave today but found that someone had already done so. Blue,white and yellow pansies with a toy bear and frog. I called both grandmas but neither was responsible. So, I don't know who did it but it was nice to know that we are not the only one's who remember him. God bless! We missed you this weekend. Hope all is well.