Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is not a cry for help but to recognize and be grateful for where the help has come from.
First off I want to thank my sister and my mother for supporting us with transport while our Volvo was testing the limitations of our sanity.
Now I want to take the time to thank my friend, neighbor and oftentimes teacher Don for his help. Don has helped us numerous times at the last minute with anything that we throw his way...pulling a breach-birth lamb; feeding an orphaned lamb; feeding all of our animals on repeated last minute notices; and now fixing the Volvo.
In a matter of minutes Don was able to do what two automotive shops were unable to do, find the source of the problem and remedy it, and he did it for free.
So other than some ways that Christy and I are repaying him I wanted to use this space to promote him.
Don is a apiarist professionally and an all around knowledgeable guy recreationally. If you are at all interested in bees or know of people who are please visit his site. If you are considering starting your own hive please visit his site. If you want to know about things like getting electricity from a bike generator, water-wheel generator or various other types of fun and interesting stuff PLEASE VISIT HIS SITE.
Don is generous with his knowledge but never in a condescending way so if you have any kind of question about anything go ahead and ask him, and if it so impresses you to do so send him a little note thanking him for us.

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Anonymous said...

It's not very often in life that you can truely call someone friend. You have obviously found one!! I love you brother - Christy, Kaya & Kieran (who I still have not gotten to hold) too!!!
Love, Beth