Tuesday, May 16, 2006


please read the comment from my sister amy in the previous post. i am in no way blaming president bush for all of the scrutiny that christians receive, either justly or unjustly. but because he is our nation's leader and a professing christian he will be the ultimate scapegoat and fall-guy. there are a number of institutions, pastors, priests, lay-people and otherwise, including myself, who are doing a poor job of being christ-like. not to mention any number of historical figures or institutions who, to the absolute glee of christian detractors, have fed the flame of disparagement. it is true that we have an enemy as followers of christ, but sometimes that enemy is staring us in the face as we are brushing our teeth. so rest assured, although i will continue to ask questions of people in high places who "represent" christ, i will be subject to the same scrutiny.

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