Tuesday, May 16, 2006

above reproach

i know for myself, i've had some trouble voicing my unsettledness about our current president and the war. i do not hate george bush, but i hate that there is some distrust of christianity, at least the conservative-evangelical branch, because of president bush and his unwavering, unquestioning christian supporters. here is a great essay from donald miller about our commander-in-chief and americana-christianity. i realize that i don't know the first thing about being president or the responsibilities and expectations therein, BUT i believe that if christians begin to take following jesus more seriously in all aspects of life radical, kingdom-of-god stuff will happen.

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Amy said...

Brett - I've not read the articles - won't have time for that until later today. But you said something along the lines of the "distrust of christinans" but that has been around for a lot longer than GW. Remember when we were trying to adopt and how long it took? Well, someone told us confidentially that Eric being a pastor was causing alot of prejudice. We were shocked...and then saddened. Thanks to teleevangelists (sp?) and other failures by high profile christ followers (I can't judge them so they might be) christians are judged by the world as liars, hypocrites and cheats. I struggle with being lumped into that camp - and yet, I'll follow Christ for eternity.