Friday, February 05, 2010

The Peace that Passes

I got a message from an old co-worker/friend yesterday that had as its subject line the name of an older man we used to work with. I knew this could only mean one thing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about "high" things, I suppose. Stuff like god, ways of thinking and being, philosophy and religions. I haven't thought about Jim for a number of years. Jim did not dwell on those issues but his life warrants reflection.
He was faithful. To his wife, his family, his job. You could set your clock to Jim.
He was kind. He was honest. He was loving. He was peaceful in his own way.
It kind of angers me when I think about the stuff I give attention to, and see other people give attention to, and I rarely dwell on or around life's true sages, like Jim.
Is it more important to make waves in life or to be a steady foundation?
Jim should be famous for the virtues he practiced daily.
I want to live my life more like Jim Miller did.


Bruce said...

It is so important to value people for their individual virtues. I think you have found a wonderful way to memorialize what Jim's life meant to others. It is through these memories that people last.

Sydney said...

So sorry about your friend.

NonCharon said...

Sorry for your loss.


Aioria90 said...

I´m very sorry

Aioria90 said...

I´m very sorry