Saturday, December 01, 2007

Peace of...

so the deal is there is just a lot of stuff going on right now, a sort of circumstantial perfect storm.
Christy's health and my hand
Growing kids and a two year old who is causing us to evaluate discipline
Holidays and our search for simplicity, spirituality and reality
School ending with major questions about what is next
Animals who eat and shit...all the time

So every morning after I feed the kids I go outside to feed the ruminants
This morning I have major unrest in my spirit, about what I am not sure
I realized how much I get from the practice of cleaning up after our horse
I feed her, she eats, I get the rake and pick up the processed remains of last night's meal
and there is a peace and tranquility in that

a peace of shit


Amy said...

Dude - that made me laugh out loud! I find peace in chores too - which is why - even though I complain about it - I still do the dishes every night. The rushing water is loud enough to drown out the chaos of family life and allow me to hear my thoughts!
I'm praying for you all!

Steve S. said...

I get peace of mind from watching others do chores, what does that say about me?

DeMar said...

I'm thinking of The Life of Brian...give me ring bro.

Anonymous said...

Brett - Every once in awhile I check on your blog to see if anything is going on - unlike my own blog that sits, and sits, and sits..... So, I was pleased to see something today. However, the visual you have left reminds me of the 7 little poop producers on our back porch - and everytime I go out there, I tense up and get instantly mad. So.... thanks a lot :o)... JK. Seriously, we are praying things start falling into place for you guys. Can't wait to spend some time with you this weekend!!! We love you!! Beth