Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What Really Happened on Father's Day...

OK pics of the fair will be up soon but here is how I spent part of my Father's Day...
Co-experiencer's were my sis and bro-in-law, Beth and Kevin, plus kids, my sis-in-law, Misty, up to practice Phlebotomy on our sheep...yeah...and David our recently returned from China friend.
Beth and I were shopping in town when I get a call from my neighbor that there was a fire near our homes, but the fire crews were on it and were hopeful to have it contained soon.
After calling Christy to verify what was going on and being reassured that everything was fine we finished shopping and headed home. As we were driving home we noticed faint smoke in the direction of our home but nothing significant...I could see the helicopter with it's bucket making rounds and the air TAC flying high, calling the shots, but it looked like the fire was all but out. By the time we reached our dirt road we could see black smoke....not good.
Got home just in time for the helicopter to fly over our house dip its bucket into the neighbor's pond and start dropping.
My neighbor drives over with a CDF crew chief who was telling us to get ready to evacuate...which translated to getting 5 children, 30 sheep, some dogs(plus puppies), a horse and a donkey, 11 chickens and two cats in various vehicles and a trailer...luckily the fire was stopped at my neighbor's was close

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Amy said...

oh my goodness! After two experiences like that i was totally ready to move - I hope this is the only time you all have to worry about this! Which neighbors driveway? Did any of your neighbors lose their homes??