Monday, December 04, 2006


this past thursday i was in san francisco for a doctors appointment that gave me what i was looking for...the date of my next surgery. on the 13th of december dr. brooks is going to reposition my thumb to a more usable position. needless to say I AM STOKED...sure i will be laid up for a bit and my right hand will be virtually useless for some weeks but this will allow me to have more dexterity and help me feel a lot less frustrated with my hand...i hope!

also, i was able to meet with some new friends, RYAN, HOLLY AND PAXTON SHARP. i cannot begin to explain the amount of rest and kindredness for my spirit they radiated. i was first introduced to ryan via the nick and josh podcast. i sought out holly and his music the cobalt season, which i completely recommend, and met a number of people who love them when i was in new mexico for the gathering. anyway since they live in san francisco and i go there often we decided to hook up.

so glad we did


Anonymous said...

Dig the artwork and travel pics. Particularly the 'sparrow' piece.
So now that I was a hooptie-scooter with rounder wheels, wanna go to El Paso?

brett said...

ok, i'm game, when are we southbound?