Tuesday, October 17, 2006


we got back late last night from our trip to utah and my trip to the life-giving (i am diggin' that, ryan) emergent gathering in new mexico.
if, by chance, i met you at the gathering and you are maybe expecting a hello from me please be patient, we are experiencing the worst diaper rash known to this household, weird muscle pains in chest as well as in side and butt (one for me two for christy)after 14 hours in a car with everyone in pain and feeling trapped, christy whirling off to work, me going to school for some catchup, a messy house and lots of animals who want attention.
will there be more peace in the world tomorrow?


mama said...

Hi honey ~ welcome home. Hope you're recovered from all the pains and rashes! Did you and David go to the same conference? Hope to see you all sometime soon ;) love ya

tony said...

Brett, it was excellent to meet you and hear your story on the dock. I'll be in touch soon, since I want to write about it!


brett said...

tony, it was great to meet you as well. looking forward to talking with you!