Tuesday, June 13, 2006


this is a good article. and this is an interesting blog.


Amy said...

I thought it was a great article - esp reading it as someone formerly in leadership but being sadly disappointed in the 'church'. Not individuals - but the machine. Though I suppose the machine is only doing what the individuals program it to do. (sigh) I actually feel more bummed now than before. I feel like that person who replied - it's just too big, so it's easier to stay with what we know. Sad but true. I've not got the energy to make a difference. :(

DeMar said...

I enjoyed the article. But, in most of these discussions about the emergent church, I always feel I am at a loss. There is so much effort spent of this concept of context, yet I rarely find any thick description of one. Certainly we read about conflict between various collections of like-minded people (i.e. denominations, the un-churched, and the un-denominated), directed toward nebulous ideas regarding a perceived need for change. Having come to know Jesus, and then His church through personal relationships - with what have become authentic friends - later in life; I can’t say I know what needs to changed. If I came to know the Lord, anyone else can. I would simply ask the question, "Do you love the people that are in your life?" In time, those relationships will walk through more sermons than you know.

Jordon said...

Thanks for the comments on the article. I appreciate the link to it and your thoughts.